Limited Edition
Dimitri Van den Bergh 23g Steel Tip Darts

Model: #190200
Introducing the Dimitri Van den Bergh limited edition. Only 2,500 individually numbered sets produced for this stunning range. The dart barrel boasts radial grooves over the back and centre with nano grip and milling through the nose. With a zirconium coating overlay, this dart has a distinctive look and feel. The set comes with a specially designed titanium shaft offering nano grip around the base and a zirconium coated centre to provide additional hold. The bottom of the dart encompasses Dimitri's DX Swiss Points to enhance finger and board grip. 26mm DX silver points are incorporated in the barrel with a further set of 30mm gold DX points provided. The dart is completed with limited edition Dream Maker™ flights, included in three sizes: No.6, No.2 and Ten-X.
The darts comes equipped with additional accessories - a Dream Maker™ Takoma wallet embracing the Belgian theme and a Swiss tool for changing points which has been coated in zirconium
All collections are complete with a certificate of authenticity and a hand signed Dimitri Van den Bergh player card. The range is packaged in a stunning Dream Maker™ themed display box including a metal plate on top of which each are individually numbered.

3 x Limited Edition Dimitri Van den Bergh Dart Barrels
3 x Specially Designed Titanium Shafts
3 x DX Swiss Points - 26mm
3 x Limited Edition 'Dream Maker' Flights No.6 Flights
3 x Limited Edition 'Dream Maker' Flights No.2 Flights
3 x Limited Edition 'Dream Maker' Flights Ten-X Flights
1 x Limited Edition Takoma Wallet
1 x Zirconium Coated Swiss Point Tool
1 x Signed Dimitri Van den Bergh Player Card
1 x 'Dream Maker' Themed Display Box
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