975 Series 02 Swiss Point 23G Model #90103

Model: #90103
A vision of engineering excellence, the 975 continues to push the boundaries of dart design and performance and is the next chapter in our tireless pursuit of perfection. Named after its unique 97.5% tungsten density, the highest in the Target range. The design features Targets unique Cell Grip and is offset against contemporary radial grooves at the rear to deliver an outstanding level of grip and feel. To further enhance performance, it is finished with a stunning overlay of black titanium nitride coating. Complete with Carbon Ti Shaft - Combining high performance materials titanium and carbon into one unique system. 975 Design Flights - Dual sided Pro Ultra Flight with a striking 975 pattern. 975 Takoma Wallet - Takoma wallet with a striking acid yellow pattern - exclusively designed for 975. Swiss Premium Key - A beautifully engineered zinc alloy Swiss Point Key Target Pin Badge - Uniquely designed customer 975 collectors badge 2 x Sets of black Swiss Points.
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