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    Elysian Generation 6

    The Story: “Making something perfect is not just about the final result. It is also about going through the process of crafting and creating” Our UK based team makes regular visits to Japan to assist Target Japan in various creative projects. From the food, to the architecture, to the technology and the people - they’ve been captivated and inspired by the country's unique culture. Elysian Sixth Edition is Target’s homage to Japan. It’s an impression of what our team has seen, experienced and loved. The Barrel: Simply a stunning barrel featuring incredibly intricate cuts and grips that pushes the boundaries of design like never before. Each 95% tungsten barrel undergoes 62 minutes of milling, re-machining and coated in a unique shade of DLC that beautifully merges green and blues. The Packaging: Our sixth edition packaging is designed with love and influenced from our team's visits to Japan. The print design is inspired from various sources and combined in print. The Plate: The intricately lasered aluminum panel mimics the Japanese art of ‘Kumiko’, an intricate pattern work inspired by nature and encompasses the unique identity number that confirms the authenticity of your Elysian Sixth Edition. Finishing Touches: The steel tip is equipped with a silver Storm Nano point, while the soft tip is dressed with a black pixel tip. Both versions are finished with exclusive Elysian 6 shafts which feature complex milling for added grip and Pro Ultra flights in a stunning color combination. Accessories: Each Elysian is complemented further with a 100% cowhide Elysian wallet, 3 sets of flights (No.2, Kite and Ten-X), 2 sets of shafts (medium and intermediate), flight protectors and a bespoke pin.