Elysian 8 24g SP Steel Dart

Model: #190101

The Elysian. More than just a dart, this annual project represents a unified belief that we can ascend beyond the parameters of darts and create something truly beautiful. For the Elysian Eighth edition we chose a subject that would provide unique design opportunities. A variety of possibilities and outcomes, the force of opposing elements harnessed into a refined considered design. The Barrel Multiple processes are used to achieve the finished outcome of Elysian, the grip of the dart is achieved by 55 minutes of highly detailed milling, once completed the barrel is PVD coated, silica on the front and chrome on the rear. The next process exposes the front of the barrel which is then overlaid further with hand sandblasting which offers a strong gripped finish. To complete the process the central rings are re-machined to separate the two grip profiles on the barrel. Swiss Storm Point Each steel tip barrel features the Swiss Storm Point which marries the functional prowess of Swiss point with the aesthetic beaty of Storm Point. 8 Flight Shaft & Flight System Another never before feature on the Elysian editions is the addition of a Titanium 8 shaft which is chrome PVD coated. The titanium shaft itself is uniquely contoured and fits perfectly with the barrel which seamlessly fits with the 8Flight clear featuring the Elysian logo. Sculpture Functional art. We believe the Elysian deserves a bespoke stand that allows you to display your limited edition darts in a captivating and interesting way. Three twisted geometric pieces of cast steel perfectly fit together to create this beautiful but functional sculpture. Box Design Our box design is an amalgamation of ideas that emerged from our theme. The two sides of the design build a composition that works as a complete design, but can also be separated out into individual ideas. We've created something that is both composed and chaotic.